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Reference Checks

Reference Checks

Standard reference checks are mostly a matter of ticking boxes – confirming qualifications, résumé details etc. But when an employee doesn’t work out, it’s usually due to their lack of competency in the role, their workplace behavior or a poor cultural fit.

Those mis-hires are what we help you avoid. Our team of HR-qualified reference checking professionals are experts in getting the full picture of a candidate from their former employers and colleagues.

Reference Check guarantees to save you from making mis-hires in your recruitment by ensuring you receive full, unbiased reference checks to assist your recruitment process.

Common reference checking pitfalls

Research suggests the following failings are often contributory factors to mis-hirings occurring:

The person conducting the reference check...

Our proprietary reference checking system gives you the clearest possible picture of who you might be hiring. Each of our reference checks is conducted:

Your Reference Check Report

At the completion of the reference checks you’ll get a detailed written report with everything you need to know about your candidate/s.

View Sample Report: Download File (PDF 64.9 kb)